Christ-Centered Recovery Program Accreditation

Once you become a member of AACRM, your organization will receive an information packet with the AACRM Standards of Compliance. You will find this information valuable regardless of the age and experience of your organization. Accreditation is not required for membership.

Certification Areas:


Fiscal Management

Personnel Management

Staff Development

Academic Development



General Counseling

Legal Assistance

Medication Control / Physical Development

Program Review / Spiritual Development

Participant Records


Participant Rights

Participant Grievance

Crisis Plan

Facilities Management

Certification Goals:

  1. To ensure that the Accreditation Standards are a tool for facilitating quality and consistency in faith-based Christian recovery ministries
  2. To ensure the sovereignty and local control of each Christian recovery ministry with minimum restrictions which are implemented only for the legal, ethical and spiritual well being in all Christian recovery ministries.
  3. To assist in providing a measure of public confidence, hopefully assisting in the program’s public relations and fund-raising efforts, through the awarding of Accreditation.

Director of Certification:

Contact Brandon Lackey if you have questions about Recovery Program Certification.