Tianeptine Information:

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The Alabama Department of Public Heath voted to schedule Tianeptine in Jan 2021. The decision begins a 45 day legislative review period. Products containing Tianeptine should no longer be available at retail after March 18, 2021. 

FDA - https://www.fda.gov/food/dietary-supplement-products-ingredients/tianeptine-dietary-supplements

Surviving Tianeptine Facebook Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/178481630050843

Wikipedia - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tianeptine

“Not since the Alabama legislature scheduled Kratom as a controlled substance have we faced an unregulated substance as toxic as Tiannepine or one that poses as serious a threat to persons in treatment and recovery."

- Brandon Lackey, Program Officer, The Foundry Ministries

"It allowed me as an individual struggling with a life-threatening opioid addiction to cheat on my sobriety. I self sabotaged my treatment by attempting to change without changing."

- Anonymous Person In Recovery

"I was able to deceive my employer, a transportation company, because I knew they could not test for Za Za (Tianna) and I could work while intoxicated. I had to address my dependence on Tianna after nodding out behind the wheel."

- Anonymous Person In Recovery

“I swapped from abusing Kratom to abusing Tianna. After stopping cold turkey, I could still feel Tianna leaching out of my bones six weeks later.”

- Anonymous Person in Recovery

“We mix Tianna and Phenibut together. I spend close to $80 per day for them at my local gas station.”

- Anonymous Person in Recovery

"Due to its widespread availability, the public perception is that it is safe. Substances like these are morale killers for our teams of dedicated professionals and literally a slippery slope for opioid addicts."

- Jacky Gann, Executive Director, World Exit Ministries

"Requires difficult judgement calls that impact people's lives due to our inability to test for Tianna."

- Tom Reynolds, Executive Director, His Way

“My detox counselor asked me, “Are you ready for the worst detox of your life?”"

- 20 Year Opiate Addict

“I learned about ZaZa in a treatment program. My roommate brought it in and we would all go to group counseling high.”

- Anonymous Addict

“I can’t take it any more. Get me into a detox program.” - Client curled in the fetal position

“My son just called. He beat opioids years ago but said he has been addicted to Tianna for the last 18 months.” - A mother of a former AACRM client

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